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Our Mission


The GLBRN heightens the awareness of and encourages collaborations with institutional research biospecimen resources.  The GLBRN advances biomedical discoveries through the use of biobank infrastructure and best practices for managing the collection, quality, processing, storage and distribution of biospecimens. The GLBRN brings member institutions together to ensure that biospecimens are managed with a high degree of stewardship in an effort to increase the opportunity for research use.



  • Raise the bar on the quality of available biospecimens for research

  • Expedite access to biospecimens from a range of sources

  • Inspire institutional collaboration

  • Ensure the use of stored biospecimens and expand their “market”

  • Provide a forum for discussion and discovery of best practices
Network Benefits


  • Improved, streamlined access to high quality biospecimens

  • Peer learning

    • SOP sharing

    • Consent guidelines

  • Low cost biospecimen acquisition

  • Collaboration

    • New research opportunities

    • Equipment and services sharing

    • Bioinformatics and data acquisition opportunities

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